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Meet the Harris family (left to right: Helena, Sharon, and Martha Camille, library assistant Lisa Kilian).

We are pleased to announce the winners of the FPL Poetry Contest for first through twelfth grades!

Without further ado, here they are! Keep in mind that there is no first, second, or third place -- each winner is equal.

Grades 1-3

Sophia Gonzales -- "The Wind and the Moon"
Grace Catherine Hale -- "Love"
Abigail Summer -- "Library Day"

Grades 4-6

Sarah Bruce -- "The Shark"
Emily Peterson -- "Snow Leopard"
Deba Elaiho -- "A Haiku: Winter"

Grades 7-9

We know you’re a star! That’s why we want you to audition for our upcoming Signing Video series.  

We are NOW CASTING for on-screen talent.

A whole bunch of stuff is going on in the Teen Room this spring! Last season, we conducted several very scientific (possibly candy-based) surveys to discover what exactly it is that teens want out of their library. And this season, we answered!

Saturday Crafternoons
3rd Saturday of each month
3:00 pm

We remember our own spring breaks at home, sitting around on the couch, melting into the cushions and uttering that typical lamentation – “I’m BORED.”

We don’t want that to happen to you.

If you are a student (or you know a student) in 1st – 12th grade, the Frisco Public Library invites you to enter a piece of original poetry to our annual FPL Poetry Contest. You can use any style or subject you like as long as you submit your original piece with an entry form!

If you’re looking for books on parenting, homeschooling, gifted and talented learners, potty training, ADD, navigating through family changes, and more, you may want to look through our Parenting Collection on the second floor. And if you need some books on those subjects that you can read with your children, you want the Family Collection.

We’ve set up our first Literacy Stop! Well, our first official Literacy Stop – we know that the whole place is kind of a literacy building. But this in particular is designed for early readers hanging out at the library. Each Big Book comes with tips and activities for you your child to do together. Stop by and check it out!

Our Online Resources are a goldmine for anyone looking to do research on any topic – from history to car repair to career help. Today, we’d like to highlight a few databases in particular. These ones are especially great for many of the projects assigned to FISD elementary students, including the Science Fair and varying history and geography reports. All of our Online Resources are free to you - all you need is a library card!

2nd floor puppet stage

The second floor of the Frisco Library has lots of stuff for your little one to do, aside from enjoy books! (We know their attention spans are as short as they are!) Kids can make friends and work on their motor skills with our puppet stage.