Summertime is the perfect time to read lots of books -- and take a vacation. So why not combine the two? Here are our recommendations of great books in which to take a vacation.

1. Around the World in 80 Days by Michael Palin

Many of you who shared your thoughts with us as part of the Master Plan process commented on eBooks. You want "more eBooks" -- and you would like them to be more convenient. (You like convenience -- the convenience of not having to visit the Library building to download them is one of the things you told us you appreciate!)

School’s out and you’re looking for activities to keep your kiddos busy.

Maybe you’re lucky, and like Joshua Trejo, your family just wants to spend time at home relaxing.

Or maybe like Casey and Joey Osgood, you're looking forward to reading lots of books, but also enjoying the summer sun at Hawaiian Falls and the beach.

We can't express how much we value the 1800 of you who have contributed your voice to your Library's Master Plan process in the past few months. We greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas. Thank you!

Long commutes, workout motivation, or just a preference for auditory learning... there are lots of reasons to listen to a book (or some music). Here are a few staff picks for your next great listen.



We all love to fill up our smart phones with the latest apps available. But it pays to be careful! In our 30 Apps in 30 Minutes classes, we talk about Hackers, Scams, and Bad App Developers who are out there just waiting to get you.

So, before you download, make sure to do your homework:

Wedding season is officially in full swing! I know from first-hand experience; I'm getting married on Saturday. 

Yes, I'm sure it will be a wondrous, joyous occasion with laughter and love all around. But right now, there's a lot of hyperventilating, crying, outbursts, and general insanity. Not only is planning a wedding extremely difficult, but the emotional stress of creating one magical day (or weekend, in my case) while blending two new, very different families can  almost be too much to bear. At least, it was for me. 

Are you trying to raise a self-confident child? In The Secrets of Happy Families Bruce Feiler discusses research demonstrating that children who know their family history handle stress better than those who don't.

Here are a dozen books we're currently reading. What are you reading?

Robyn: Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld

I saw a YouTube video recommending this book so I picked it up.

Lisa: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Do you routinely talk about fictional characters as if they were real? Do you check out the bookshelves of houses you visit? Do you feel like you have a connection with a complete stranger based on a book you see them reading? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions you may be a social reader. Other signs you’re a social reader may include, but are not limited to:

Chances are you’ve probably had to do a presentation once or twice, either for work or school. (Or for fun, if that’s your thing.) And chances are if you’ve done a presentation, you’re used to the woes of PowerPoint to present said presentation.

So if you’ve done a presentation and subsequently swore you’d never do another, but find yourself required to do so anyway, may I introduce to you a much easier (and more fun) way to build presentations.

It’s time to jazz up our Children’s Program Room!

We are looking for an artist (or two) to create new artwork. The theme is “Science and Space.” The selected artist(s) will receive $200 and canvas to use for the work in the program room (or for personal use.) Not to mention, the work will be displayed in the program room for at least one year to be enjoyed by the children and families who frequent the Frisco Public Library youth programs and classes.

All artwork should: