Are you trying to raise a self-confident child? In The Secrets of Happy Families Bruce Feiler discusses research demonstrating that children who know their family history handle stress better than those who don't.

Here are a dozen books we're currently reading. What are you reading?

Robyn: Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld

I saw a YouTube video recommending this book so I picked it up.

Lisa: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Do you routinely talk about fictional characters as if they were real? Do you check out the bookshelves of houses you visit? Do you feel like you have a connection with a complete stranger based on a book you see them reading? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions you may be a social reader. Other signs you’re a social reader may include, but are not limited to:

Chances are you’ve probably had to do a presentation once or twice, either for work or school. (Or for fun, if that’s your thing.) And chances are if you’ve done a presentation, you’re used to the woes of PowerPoint to present said presentation.

So if you’ve done a presentation and subsequently swore you’d never do another, but find yourself required to do so anyway, may I introduce to you a much easier (and more fun) way to build presentations.

It’s time to jazz up our Children’s Program Room!

We are looking for an artist (or two) to create new artwork. The theme is “Science and Space.” The selected artist(s) will receive $200 and canvas to use for the work in the program room (or for personal use.) Not to mention, the work will be displayed in the program room for at least one year to be enjoyed by the children and families who frequent the Frisco Public Library youth programs and classes.

All artwork should:

The Reader’s Choice Book Club has been meeting at the Frisco Public Library for over seven years. The group is a great mix of different readers in age, reading preference, and backgrounds. It has been my pleasure to lead the Reader’s Choice Book Club since June 2013. The group, books and discussions that the book club have each month are definitely one of the perks of my job. The Reader’s Choice Book Club gets its name from having such a wide, eclectic reading choices that are voted on and/or suggested by the book club. The group reads everything from nonfiction to mysteries.

YOURS! If you use it.

Your Frisco Library is getting started with a “Master Plan” process that will determine the future of library service in Frisco and we need to hear from you.

What does your library of the future look like? What will you find there? What will you do there?

While I try to do my part to reduce, reuse, and recycle, I'm just not into crafts that create clutter (what parenting magazines call "cute craft ideas") out of odds and ends.

In fact, I try to keep those odds and ends out of my house in the first place. So, even when I am inclined to try to those projects, I generally don't have the necessary supplies

It's the time of year when we give extra attention to those we love. And for some of us, the people we love live in the pages of books. Here are some of the literary characters we love the most:

AdamSherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson

The sun went down and the lights over the study tables came to life. They both looked up at the same time and their eyes locked. “I can’t believe it’s dark out already,” she said with a partially stifled yawn. 

“The light makes your eyes dance,” he said with a shy smile. She blushed.

That was 2 years ago….the day they first met. Today they’re back at the library to take their engagement photos.

There are many things we LOVE about working at the Frisco Library. Seeing and hearing the gate alarms go off, however, is not one of them. (Maybe you can relate.)

That's why we're thrilled to announce a software upgrade that makes it easier to know that your items have checked out successfully.

To the right of each title, you'll see one of three color-coded status notices: