Computer Video Tutorials Online

All of our most popular computer classes are now always available. No sign up required.

One of the library's most popular services are our computer classes. So popular in fact it is sometimes difficult to sign up for some of these classes before they are completely full! To help meet this demand, we increased the number and frequency that we offer these night classes. However, we are going even one better this summer: On demand video tutorials!

These video tutorials cover all the same concepts presented in our classes and include additional content we just can't squeeze into our 90 minute class. You can use them as your main means of learning, as a refresher to follow up our live classes, and as supplemental material to go even further!

There are tutorials for all the 2007 Microsoft Office applications including:

  •  Access 2007
  • Excel 2007
  • PowerPoint 2007
  • Word 2007

There are even classes for the 2010 Microsoft Office applications including:

  • Access 2010
  • Excel 2010
  • PowerPoint 2010
  • Word 2010

These video tutorials also include popular topics such as:

  • Introduction to Computer Basics
  • Introduction to Email
  • GoogleDocs
  • Facebook

These video tutorials are all online and can be used at the library, from the comfort of your home, at the office, or anywhere you find Internet access! See the whole list of tutorials at and click on the Online Resources to find our Video Tutorials collection.

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