Dedicate a Book Plate for Mother's Day

Love the Frisco Public Library and looking for a great gift idea for Mother's Day and Father's Day? A book plate dedication is a great way to remember or honor a loved one--especially the book lovers in your life. For only $25 you can dedicate a library book in their honor!

Purchasing a book plate may be tax deductible and will go to helping the Frisco Public Library continue to provide a wide array of resources and services to its patrons. Last year the library had 1.2 million check outs, over a hundred thousand reference questions, and tens of thousands benefited from computer training, children's programs, book clubs, job and resume assistance, and other library services!

To start the donation process, you will need to fill out this short form: After you have chosen the number of book plates you'd like to purchase, name of honoree(s), and address to contact the honoree(s) at, the Frisco Library Foundation will contact you for exact details to customize your book plate.

Thank you and we hope you have a great Mother's Day (and Father's Day!).

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