Reader Reviews, Read-Alikes, and More… LibraryThing in the Catalog

Looking for a good book to read?  The Frisco Public Library catalog can help--even if you don’t have a particular title or author in mind!  How?  Just search for one of your favorite titles or authors.  Then click on a title to go to the Item Details page.  It’s the one that looks like this:

Now click on the “LibraryThing Content” accordion folder at the bottom.  It will open up to show you this:

LibraryThing lists reviews, tags, similar titles, and other editions of titles.  Reviews come from readers world-wide.  Read through them to learn what others think about a book, then log in and write your own.  Tags are essentially reader-assigned subject headings—a fun, easy way to find books on subjects you enjoy.  Similar titles are a great way to find more books by your favorite authors and discover new authors you’re sure to like.  Use Other Editions to find our titles in a variety of format. 

Clicking on a tag or title will automatically search the Frisco Public Library catalog for that term.  Nothing could be easier.  Just be prepared to have your “To Read” list get longer faster than ever!

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