Operation Research: Inventors

Have you ever wondered (or been assigned to investigate) who invented items we take for granted, like toasters, ballpoint pens, or seat belts? Before we can thank the geniuses who developed these fine items – we need to know their names! (It’s easy to take everyday items for granted, but at one point, they were just an idea. An innovative idea!)

I’ll help you get started in finding answers to these burning questions – let’s take a look at some related books and online resources about inventors and scientists.

Take a gander at these books:

You might also search directly for the inventor’s name, or for his/her invention. If the person is a popular historical figure, we may have a book about him/her in our 2nd floor juvenile biography section – you would look under the person’s last name (e.g. Abraham Lincoln would be found at J B LINCOLN).

Or peruse these online resources:

Want even more? OK! How about these useful Websites:

Don’t feel like you have to “invent” facts when writing reports on famous (or not so famous) historical figures. Using the above resources, I think you’ll find some great information – and if you need additional help, be sure to visit us at the library. We love helping people!

And if you find out who invented the ballpoint pen (or another everyday item that you find interesting) – let me know in the comments.

ClaudiaWayland Claudia Wayland
Youth Services Librarian

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