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John Shaw

John ShawVolunteering has always been a very big deal for my family and my school, so I needed volunteer hours. At first, I started at the library thinking that I was only there for the hours, but I realized that it was really fun and enjoyable! The staff members and other fellow volunteers helped me out greatly and I was sincerely humbled by their service to others, and I always finished my jobs thinking to myself, "I wish it wasn't over." As I am getting older, volunteering has become a major part in my lifestyle, and the Frisco Public Library helped me keep up with my volunteering as well as give me a very safe and kind-hearted environment to work under. I have always been treated kindly and eagerly await my next task to do or people to help or children to read to. When I first moved to Frisco in the 7th grade, it was very hard to find volunteer opportunities. Once I entered high school, the library gave me this opportunity, and I didn't deny it. Every year that I have volunteered here has been even better than the previous ones. Without a doubt, I can say that I've used the library to gain volunteer hours and have fun at the same time. It is a wonderful environment, and I cannot wait to start volunteering there again later this year!