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Public Computers

We offer public internet access and Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel.

Available for use:

15 computers on the 4th floor Quiet Zone.

11 computers in the 1st floor Makerspace. (5 computers include Adobe Photoshop CC, Premiere CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, Audition CC, and Autodesk Inventor, 10 PCs and 1 Mac)

6 computers reserved for teens (grades 6-12) in the 1st floor Teen Room (5 PCs and 1 Mac).

8 computers reserved for use by children and accompanying adults on the 2nd floor.

5 Learning Stations with preloaded games for ages 2-8 on the 2nd floor with no internet access.

3 flatbed scanners: 2 in the 1st floor Computer Lab and 1 on the 4th floor.

2 Animation Stations on the 1st floor to create stop motion animation videos.

You must agree to the Customer Service Policy in order to use the public computers. Minors must have parental consent. Computer reservations may be made at any Ask Us desk if all computers are in use. Computer session length will be limited if others are waiting to use computers.

Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi access is available throughout the building using the free network named COF-Guest.

You must accept the Terms and Conditions of Use each time you connect to Wi-Fi.