Print in 3D

Give Your Creativity Dimension…Print in 3D

Get creative using our 3D printer. Choose designs from numerous websites, or create your own designs using open source CAD software. Submit your designs to us online and see your objects take shape.

New to 3D printing? Download our printable guide HERE.

Get Started

  • Use the online submission form to submit your .STL file. Must have a Frisco Library card to submit.
  • One object / component in each file.
  • Recommended to design in millimetres.
  • Staff will review the file with you, provide a total cost, and prepare your print job.
  • Cost is 15¢ per gram of plastic with a $1.50 minimum.
  • Once your object is completed, we will contact you to pick it up through drive-thru.
  • Objects will be held for 7 days for pick up.

3D Design Online Tools and Help

There are a lot of freely available lessons and software online. Here are a few we recommend:

Thingiverse - Find and download models other users have created and shared.

Tinkercad - The interactive lessons are perfect for the first time user! This free cloud based 3D modeling software will have you creating your own designs in just a few lessons.

OnShape - Use either the cloud based software or as an app for iOS or Android devices. More sophisticated design tools than Tinkercad.

FreeCAD - Advanced users will appreciate the power and depth of this software that can you download for free to your computer. Video tutorials

MeshMixer - Clean up, modify, and sculpt 3D models. Perfect for separating objects into individual STL files. Video tutorials

NetFabb - Fix models that have mesh errors and other flaws that prevent them from printing.

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