Anita Book’s Top 5 Ways to Travel the World From Home

By FPL_Kayla

Anita Book is a very adventurous young girl. She loves to travel, but since she’s been stuck at home lately, she has traded in her passport for the World Wide Web. Luckily, Anita knows that with a few clicks of a mouse, she can still see the world!

Here are Anita Book’s Top 5 Ways to Travel the World From Home:

  1. Reading! (Of course!)

Anita loves reading books that take her all over the world. She has checked out eBook titles like:

Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures The Mount Rushmore Calamity 

Judy MoodyAround the World in 8.5 Days

Thea Stilton The Treasure Seekers Series

Dinosaurs Before DarkThe Magic Tree House Series

  1. Finding Out!

After reading about exotic places in her favorite chapter books, Anita loves to learn more on DK’s Find Out website, a great resource for kids to learn about geography, history, science, and lots of other neat topics.

Check it out at

  1. Catching Bad Guys!

Anita loves to test her world knowledge by helping ACME Agency track down the super spy Carmen San Diego and her other VILE Operatives on Google Earth’s Where On Google Earth is Carmen San Diego game.

See if you are an ace gumshoe by chasing the world’s greatest super thief

  1. Virtual Tours!

When Anita starts feeling really homesick for Frisco Public Library, she likes to take virtual tours of other famous libraries all over the world. Check out these 8 fabulous libraries!

Maybe you’ll see Anita there!

  1. Learning New Languages!

Anita wants to learn lots of languages for her travels, so she uses Mango Languages to learn Spanish, German, and even how to speak Pirate (in case she ever sails the high seas)! You can learn tons of different languages in a conversational format that makes the lessons easy and accessible and Mango Languages is available free through Frisco Public Library


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