Be a Part of the 2021 Virtual Lone Star Storytelling Festival!

By FPL_Kayla

So, you want to be a storyteller? Great!  Because, you already are! We all are. Whenever you come home from school and tell your family, friends, or pet about your day, you are being a storyteller. Telling someone about the new movie you just saw? Storytelling! Scary stories around a campfire? Definitely storytelling! 

Storytellers are simply people who tell stories. These stories can be true, made up, or a mixture of both. They can be stories you made up, stories you heard from someone else, or ones you read in a book. What's important is that you are the one telling the story.

Now that you know you are a storyteller, how can you show us your storytelling skills and audition to be part of the Virtual Lone Star Storytelling Festival?

First, pick a story. Audition stories should be no longer than 5 minutes when you tell them out loud. They should be stories that have been published in a book, magazine, or website. Here are some places to find stories:

Frisco Public Library

Search online

Once you've found a story, practice! Practice, practice, practice!  Start by reading the story a bunch of times. You might try creating an outline of events in the story. What happens first, second, third, and so on. Think about the characters in your story.  Do they need special voices, movements, facial expressions? Once you've figured out how you want to tell your story, tell it to anyone who will listen. Tell it to the mirror, your hamster, friends, family, your stuffed animals. Just keep telling it until you could tell it in your sleep. 

Now, record your story. Have someone help you set up a phone, camera, computer, or tablet. Try to put the camera in a place where it won't wiggle around while you tell your story. Stand in front of the camera. You want to be able to use your whole body.  Don't sit.  Try to film yourself someplace with no background noise or distractions. This helps you and your audience focus on your story.

Tell your story! Have fun! Be proud of yourself for auditioning!

Once you have made your video, upload it to YouTube, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Send the link and the audition form to Click to find the audition form and other helpful information, opens a new window.

We can't wait to hear your story!