Catch a Buyer’s Eye: Tips for Great Listing Photos

By FPL_Staff

Ok, so you started using selling apps. Maybe you’re just starting, or you’ve listed some things and you’d like to increase your sales.

Your cover photo is your first impression. Even before buyers look at a title, they will see your photos. Here are some simple tips for taking great listing photos:

  • Take photos from all angles; show your buyer’s everything about your item!
  • Photograph any defects – be open and honest with your buyers
  • Use natural lighting whenever possible to bring out the best qualities of your items.
  • When photographing jewelry, consider wearing it or placing it on black velvet. Make it pop!
  • Find a portable backdrop
    • Curtain
    • Hardwood flooring, a piece of tile
    • Black velvet for jewelry
    • Fabric
    • Poster board or science fair trifold board

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