Cover Shade Craze

By FPL_Adam

Ever notice how a certain style or design element on book covers becomes suddenly trendy? One of the more recent trends that popped up was the cool dark shades. Check out some of these recent memorable covers:

While perhaps you shouldn’t judge a book by the latest cover craze trend, it does make for one visually appealing way to create a to-read-next list!

So, why do so many book designers and publishers feel the need to follow so closely the trends? One answer might be the market. You probably notice how certain design themes catch on in other markets like cars, websites, not to mention fashion. The professionals who design book covers take note of what design elements resonate with certain readers too.

Maybe one of the interesting things I notice is how the cover designs develop within a genre. Ever notice the prominence of tartan cloth in romance novels? The bonnet craze in inspirational fiction? 

That genre-specific craze doesn’t always hold. There was the design style that had the title dominating the cover. Then there was the style with the author’s name dominating the cover and the title in a significantly smaller font.

What book covers appeal to you?