Have a Family Staycation

By FPL_AshleyR

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and make memories with the whole family! Here are a few ideas on ways to enjoy a fun family staycation:

  1. Backyard Camping

Get some sunshine, enjoy the great outdoors, and spend some quality time together…all from your own backyard!

  • Break out the tent and the sleeping bags and find a good spot in the yard to set up camp.
  • Observe the plants and animals in your neighborhood to create your very own nature journal. Have any trails or parks nearby? Check out this blog for tips on how to have a great nature walk. 
  • Once you get back to camp, get your fire going and cook your dinner over the campfire. Don’t forget the smores for dessert!
  • The night doesn’t end there, gather around the campfire to tell your favorite spooky stories.
  • Lay back for some stargazing and see how many constellations you can find in the night sky.
  1. Indoor Fort Party

Need some ideas for rainy day fun?

  • Gather up your blankets and sheets and build the biggest blanket fort you’ve ever made! Make sure to fill it up with extra blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags to get super cozy.
  • Bring in a TV, DVD player, or computer and watch your favorite movies together (don’t forget the popcorn).
  • Gather up some craft materials and get crafting! For suggestions on what to make, log on to the Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center with your library card. 
  • Practice your storytelling by setting up a flashlight and hosting the coolest shadow puppet show anyone in your family has ever seen.
  • Before bedtime rolls around, break out your favorite games (or learn a new one) and end the night with some family game time!
  1. Go International

Being at home doesn’t mean you can’t learn about and explore the world!

  • Have your family pick a country on the globe and look up more information about the country. Find out what types of food they eat, what their flag looks like, their customs, and other fun facts!
  • Pick out a recipe that is popular in that country and cook it as a family!

Have fun trying out these ideas, and let us know what you and your families are doing to find new ways to adventure from home!