Play “Stay-at-Home” Bingo!

By FPL_Staff

It’s time to play STAY AT HOME BINGO! Think you’ve mastered social distancing? Are you now an expert on Frisco Library online resources? Test your skills and knowledge with our Stay-at-Home Bingo board. See if you can bingo vertically, horizontally and diagonally. For an extra challenge, play blackout bingo and complete every square on the board! Check out the list of links to various resources to help you below.

Click to download the bingo board.

Resources for Stay at Home Bingo:

After your walk reads:


Gale Courses:

Family Search and Heritage Quest:

Libby by Overdrive:

RB Digital:

Sherlock Holmes – Quiz:

Big Library Read:

FPL Blogs:

Hobbies & How-To Databases:

FPL Lists:

Virtual Museum Tours: