Sensory Box Gives You a Sensory Break

By FPL_Yvette

We want everyone to have an enjoyable and comfortable time when visiting us. Noise at the library can make it difficult for some of our guests. The Sensory Box is here to help!

You can find the self-serve box next to our Ask Us desk on the 2nd floor. Feel free to use any of the items in the box throughout the library and just drop them back before your departure.

Items include:

Earplugs - helps with background noise levels, disposable and yours to keep.

Weighted lap pads - the pads can be placed on the lap or neck, and the pressure creates a calming effect.

Seat Cushion  - textured seat provides sensory input to help with focusing.

Timers - provide visual input and can be used for making transitions from different library activities.

Massagers - textured roller can be used to massage arms, back, and legs.

Fidgets - variety of fidgets including vibration, auditory, and visual input.

*The sensory items were purchased from Stacy's Sensory Solutions.

We are currently in the planning stages for adding a sensory box to our teen room on the first floor.