Texas Road Trips

By FPL_CassieW

Trying to plan a trip for spring break week this year? There are road trips that involve everything from BBQ and tacos to haunted places and scenic views. There are also family friendly trips that include dinosaurs, amusement parks, caverns and more. These lists have a little something for everyone!

Themed Trips


Family Trips


One Week Trips



Whether you’re traveling to Paris or staying here in DFW, be sure to check out the library’s travel section and Travel Backpacks on the 4th floor. Our Travel Backpacks check out for two weeks and can accompany you on your trip!

Travel Backpack locations include:

Alaska                      Florida                 Charleston & Savannah              Yellowstone & Grand Teton

Argentina                Germany               DFW Day Trips                             Coming Soon:

Arizona                    Hawaii                  Ireland & Scotland                               Great Britain

Australia                  Japan                    Italy & Greece                                      England

Boston                     London                 New York City

California                Mexico                   San Antonio & Hill Country

Canada                    Paris                     South Africa

Caribbean               Prague                  Spain & Portugal

Chicago                   Route 66               Texas Gulf Coast 

Colorado                 Seattle                   Washington D.C