The Evolution of the FPL Website

By FPL_Annie

With the release of our new and improved website, I decided to pull up the Wayback Machine to take a look at our old website pages. As it turns out, the history of our website goes back quite a ways!

December 2003

The beginnings of a great website. This was way back when the library was on McKinney Road too. Ah, memories.

July 2005

Very interesting background colors here. And look, it’s our old logo! It looks like a book opening inside an old CRT monitor.

October 2007

Wowzers! That funky scrolling banner! The microscopic font! The eye-searing color scheme! 2007 was an interesting time indeed.

January 2012

Hey, this is a pretty nice website! It’s 2012 so E-READERS are up-and-coming in libraries. We also still have the old logo, but it's only a matter of time...

November 2015

It’s starting to look familiar here... we have our new logo, a mobile app, and a twitter account!

January 2020

Here we are in the present! Looking good so far.

Remember, you can leave feedback for our new site by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the “Website Feedback” button. We hope to hear your thoughts!