Uke Can Do It!

By FPL_AdamL

Doing your part to save the world can be tough. Especially when that calls for social distancing. That just means the future must hold one fantastic get together…which means you only have a limited amount of time to prepare. If you start now, you can be the life of the party with your ukulele.

Got your library card? Then let’s master the uke!!!

Step 1:  Basics

Here are the THREE things master Uke players just assume everybody is just born knowing and never take the time to explain:

Download the PDF handout version, opens a new window of the graphic above.

Step Two: Search and Download


So you if you don’t already have Ukulele, you might do some online searching for a good deal.

If you do have one, this is probably a good time to go find it.


Seriously, you need to add a ukulele tuner app to your phone. You might try:

Tunefor Ukulele tuner and chords - iOS    

Ukulele Tuner Free- Android

Step Three:  Get in Tune

Excellent, you have that app and the ukulele! Now follow the app’s instructions on tuning your uke.

Step Four: Watch and Play

Use your library card to get started with this excellent video tutorial on Lynda:

Ukulele Lessons: Fundamentals

Awesome. Just think of your friend’s faces when they hear you play!