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Sing - Babies

  • Play musical recordings or instruments for your child. Give your baby a rattle or jingle bell to play along! Not only does music help children feel safe and ready to learn, it also develops spatial-temporal reasoning and higher-level cognitive abilities, such as using imagination, tolerating ambiguity, and understanding differing concepts.
  • Look for board books that are adapted from a popular nursery rhyme or song and sing the book to your baby. Your librarian is happy to help you find some great titles!

Talk - Babies

  • When you share a book with your baby and talk about the pictures, pause to give your baby time to babble back. It may take a while for your baby to respond. Being able to retell stories, narrative skills begin with babbling!
  • Young children like to examine objects. Talking about how the object feels, its colors, how heavy it is, sounds it makes and what it does all help children later when they try to match or sort items.


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