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Sing - Preschoolers

  • Choose books with repeated rhythms or singable portions and ask your child to sing with you. This will make your story times memorable and help your child associate a positive feeling with books and reading.
  • Use songs or chants to help your child transition through their day. Having a song for clean-up time, dinner time, bath time and more will increase your child’s vocabulary, add more stability and security to their day, and help you get the job done faster.  

Talk - Preschoolers

  • Read a book from start to finish, feeling the rhythm of the text and noticing the sequence between each action. Read it again but also talk about what is happening in the pictures. This way of sharing helps your child to develop vocabulary and narrative skills which is being able to describe things and events and to tell a story.
  • When children ask questions like, “What’s that?” Say the word, ask them to try to say the word. Then make sure to add information to what he/she says. 


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