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Sing - Toddlers

  • Sing nursery rhymes with your child and teach new songs often. Singing helps children break down the sounds of words and increases vocabulary in a fun way.
  • Throw a dance party! Moving to music and rhythm is an excellent way for your young child to build motor skills.
  • Sing words and sentences slowly to your child. This breaks sentences apart and helps your child decode the small sounds in words and syllables.


Talk - Toddlers

  • Talk about the book. Say, “Where’s the kitty?” and “What sound does a kitty make?” Ask your toddler to point to the kitty in the picture.
  • While reading, children may ask questions like, “What’s that?” Say the word, ask them to try to say the word. Then make sure to add information to what he/she says. 
  • Young children like to examine objects. Talking about how the object feels, its colors, how heavy it is, sounds it makes and what it does all help children later when they try to match or sort items. Observation is the beginning of scientific thinking.


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