Laser Cutter

Laser Cutter

The Makerspace at the new Frisco Public Library is not yet ready for our Makers.

We will update this page when the equipment is available.

Laser Precision Creativity

The Library's laser cutter will add a new level of precsion to your creativity. To get started learning, just bring your materials and design file to the library.

Look for inspiration and designs at websites like Epilog, opens a new window and Instructables, opens a new window. Develop your own unique design using the free vector graphics software like Inkscape, opens a new window or the online MakerCase, opens a new window for custom boxes.

Save your project as an .SVG or .PDF file and bring it to the library! You can also try engraving raster images from common image files (.jpg, .png) onto your materials.

Download the "getting started" guide HERE, opens a new window

Get Started

  • Bring your design file as:
    • Cutting: .SVG or .PDF
    • Engraving: .JPG or .PNG
  • Bring your blank materials to the library
  • Check in at the 1st floor Ask Us desk
  • Access provided on a first come, first serve basis
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