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Ready to Read Railroad Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ready to Read Railroad?

This educational space is designed for children ages 5 and under and their parents to engage in active learning together. 90% of a child’s brain develops within the first 5 years of life. The Ready to Read Railroad offers a wide variety of activities that have been professionally designed to encourage reading, writing, vocabulary, letter and number recognition, and narrative skills, as well as age appropriate hands on offerings that introduce science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills. Children who engage in purposeful play in their earliest years are proven to display greater comprehension, vocabulary, and cognitive skills by the time they enter kindergarten.

Where is the Ready to Read Railroad located?

It is located on the 2nd floor of the Frisco Public Library at 6101 Frisco Square Blvd.

When can I visit the Ready to Read Railroad?

You can visit the Ready to Read Railroad during regular library hours. Admissions to the Ready to Read Railroad end 30 minutes prior to closing. Admission is free.

Why can’t older children use the Ready to Read Railroad?

Though the Ready to Read Railroad may look like a play area for families with older children, it is actually an enhanced learning and play environment specifically designed for young children who have not yet begun school. While children who have entered school might enjoy some of the features of the Ready to Read Railroad, they are at a different developmental level than the children for whom Ready to Read Railroad was designed. 

What can my older child do while his younger sibling and I are using the Ready to Read Railroad?

The library has a full service children's area where your older child can read, use library computers, and engage with other library resources including our Exploration Kits for ages 6 and up while you and your preschooler visit the Ready to Read Railroad. Please note that the library service policy requires that children age 9 and under be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times.

How do you keep the Ready to Read Railroad clean?

To maintain an organized and hygienic environment, the Ready to Read Railroad will be tidied throughout the day and cleaned on a daily basis. All visitors are encouraged to use our materials appropriately and put them away before moving to a new area. Visitors are invited to place any items they feel need additional cleaning in our "Sanitize Me" bin.

Is there a limit to how many people are allowed in the Ready to Read Railroad at one time?

Maximum capacity is 28 visitors at a time. Once our capacity has been reached we will begin a waiting list.

What can I do while I wait to be called?

Once your name is on the waiting list, you may wait in the children's area of the library where there are books and other early literacy activities to occupy your child. You will be given a pager that will notify you of when it is your turn.

How do you keep track of how many people are in the Ready to Read Railroad?

We monitor how many people are in the Ready to Read Railroad by registering all visitors as they enter. Each group or family unit is given a train ticket badge which they return when they leave.

How many chaperones do I need for a group visit?

We adhere to a ratio of 1 adult for every 3 children, so they may be actively engaged with the children in their care. Multiple groups of 4 or less may not all be able to enter the area at the same time if there is a waiting list.

Can I volunteer at the Ready to Read Railroad?

Adult volunteers sign up through the City of Frisco volunteer program. Young adults in the 9th-12th grades can volunteer through the library’s VolunTEEN Corps Frisco Action Board.  Further information is available at