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First Chapter Contest

First Chapter Contest

Submit the first ten pages of your novel to our contest. If the opening grabs our judges, you could be our next big winner!

Winning entry will be featured at and professionally reviewed by Henery Press, a local award-winning publishing company.

2019 Winner:

Lauren Danhof

Submissions and Contest Rules

  1. Original unpublished works of 10 pages or less in English.
  2. One entry per person.
  3. Participants must be ages 18 and up.
  4. Entrants must live in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.
  5. Submissions must be double-spaced.
  6. Font size should be 11 pt or larger.
  7. All submitted files should use the following naming convention: 'Author Last Name_Title'. If your work is currently untitled, please name the file 'Author Last Name_Untitled'.
  8. For judging purposes, do not include the author's name on the 10 page manuscript. (The author's name will be captured on the web form entry and the file name should include the author's last name).
  9. There is no restriction on style or theme.
  10. The Frisco Public Library reserves the right to reproduce and distribute all submissions.
  11. Submissions not in compliance with the rules are disqualified.
  12. Submit your entry by March 31, 2020.


  • Submission will be evaluated by a panel of judges.
  • Winners will be contacted the last week in April.


  • Winning entry will be featured at and professionally reviewed by Henery Press, an award-winning local publishing company.

First Chapter Contest Submission Form

This contest has ended and we are no longer accepting applications.

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