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Frisco Public Library Delayed Opening

The Library will be opening at 10 AM on Friday, December 14. 

Read - Babies

  • Read to your baby from birth. Read several times throughout the day, even if it is only for a few minutes.
  • Read or recite nursery rhymes. Use some of the Story time Songs and Fingerplays at home. Hearing these rhymes and patterns in sounds helps to trigger speech. Check out books with nursery rhymes from the library.
  • Babies love to look at faces. By four or five months, they are able to distinguish between different expressions on faces such as anger, boredom and happiness. Being able to distinguish similarities and differences in facial expressions will help them to later interpret how people are feeling. Check out board books from the library with different faces of babies or people.
  • When you are at various places around town, point to the words on the signs everywhere and read them to your baby.


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