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Write - Preschoolers

  • Writing (including scribbling) is one way to develop print awareness. Encourage your child to “read” to you what he or she has written.  Give them some paper and crayons, markers, pencils, chalk, or they can write in shaving cream and or instant pudding. This helps reinforce that writing and print have meaning, which is something children need to know to be ready to read.

Read - Preschool

  • When you read a book, run your finger under the text. Children will probably not notice the print unless you point it out. 
  • After reading a story, have your child tell you what happened.
  • Ask the following questions:

                    What happened first, or what happened at the beginning?

                    How did the story end, or what happened at the end of the book?

                    What do you remember about the story?

Play - Preschoolers

  • Enhance the play by engaging and asking questions. Children are natural players but caregivers can help children get even more out of play by asking questions and extending the story and by introducing new obstacles or problems for your child to solve. And children agree – playing is more fun with a friend!
  • Play I Spy games giving detailed clues. This can introduce new vocabulary slowly and keeps your child actively learning.


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