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Frisco Public Library Delayed Opening

The Library will be opening at 10 AM on Friday, December 14. 

Write - Preschoolers

  • Writing (including scribbling) is one way to develop print awareness. Encourage your child to “read” to you what he or she has written.  Give them some paper and crayons, markers, pencils, chalk, or they can write in shaving cream and or instant pudding. This helps reinforce that writing and print have meaning, which is something children need to know to be ready to read.
  • Help them notice the written word by pointing out print all around you, reading street signs, and letting them see you read magazines, books, or mail. When reading, run your finger across or under the words. More than likely, children will not notice print unless you point it out.
  • Encourage your child to write. Begin by making a list together the next time you plan to go shopping. Doing things like this helps them see the relationship between letters and sounds too. All of this helps them get ready to learn and to read. 
  • Write or draw a message on a piece of paper and see if your child can figure out what it says. The “message” can be in words, pictures, or both - for example, the words I love you and a heart. The child reads the message and then writes a message on a piece of paper. It may be squiggles; that’s fine. The child can read his or her message to you.
  • Read a book with shapes or an alphabet book. Then, draw the shapes or letters in the air with your child.


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