Poetry Contest 2013

For 1st-12th graders
February 4 - March 1, 2013

This year's contest ended March 1, 2013. Thanks to everyone who participated!




Frequently Asked Questions

How are winners chosen?

Our librarians look at every entry and whittle the poems down to 20 or 30 finalists for each age division. They send the finalists’ entries to this year’s judge, Alan Birkelbach. He chooses three winners in each age category. There is no first, second, or third place.

What are the prizes?

Winners will be invited to attend a special reception in their honor where they will receive a plaque and recognition from the community. The winning poems will be published in an anthology available for check out on the Library Overdrive system and their poetry reading will be recorded for a video on the library’s YouTube channel.

Can I get my poem back?

Once the poem is submitted to us, we cannot return it. Please make copies of your poem and do not send the original.

How and/or when will I be notified if I’ve won?

The library will contact you by phone, through your teacher, or through mail. All winners will receive a special invitation to the reception through mail. Winners will be notified by April 1, 2013.  If you are not selected as a winner, you will NOT be notified.