Become a VolunTEEN

Become a VolunTEEN

All volunteer shifts have been temporarily suspended. 

"I'm a teen, can I volunteer at the library?"

The VolunTEEN Corps is a community service initiative that offers middle and high school students an opportunity for civic involvement. The VolunTEEN Corps consists of two programs that focus on different goals; these programs are the Frisco Action Board and the Frisco Advisory Board.

VolunTEENs will enrich personal skills, enhance job skills and gain work experience that can be included on resumes. VolunTEENs develop a better understanding of city government, serve as ambassadors within the community, and accumulate community service hours for school.

Have questions? Read the VolunTEEN FAQ or submit your question in the form below. 

Are you looking for only a few service hours? Click here for more information about our Drop-In VolunTEEN program.


Grades 6 – 12

The purpose of the Frisco Advisory Board is to allow teens in the Frisco area to give feedback to the Library including an opportunity to shape future classes and the direction of teen services in general. It is also a place to develop leadership skills, get to know fellow teens, and work collaboratively on a variety of projects. VolunTEENs will accumulate service hours for their contributions to the Frisco Advisory Board.

Download and print the Frisco Advisory Board application process and FAQ HERE.


Grades 9 – 12

The purpose of the Frisco Action Board is to allow teens in the Frisco area to enhance job skills, gain work experience, and grow as an individual while contributing to the Library. VolunTEENs will be credited service hours for time spent volunteering during scheduled shifts. Please click on the link below for more information.

Download and print the Frisco Action Board application process and FAQ HERE.

We are not accepting applications at this time but will post dates when available. All instructions for applying will be on the application. Applications will be available to download on this web page and paper copies will be available in the Teen Room on the 1st floor of the Library. 


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