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Check out the latest recommendations and comments from staff and keep on top of what's going on at Frisco Public Library.

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There's always something going on at Frisco Public Library. Take a look at some of our favorite community events!

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For Kids

Find content for kids of all ages. The Frisco Public Library has many resources, events and much much more.

Crayola Craftiness

A bit of colorful Crayola history plus three fun projects to do with kids!

New and Favorite Books to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Check out these 2022 titles from some of our favorite Latinx authors.

Cha-Ching! Financial Literacy for Kids

Lay a strong foundation now for healthy money habits.

For Teens

Find content for teens. The Frisco Public Library has many resources, events and much much more.

Young Adult Horror & Thriller Books to Prepare for Halloween

Here is a list of young adult horror and thriller books to read in preparation for spooky season.

Coming to Crunchyroll

Read the book while you wait for these shows coming soon to Crunchyroll!

Chance Encounters and Late Night Adventures

You'll fall in love with these YA romance novels.

For Adults

Find your next great read, see upcoming events, and learn tips and tricks for the Makerspace.

Mythological Stories

Check out these stories inspired by different mythologies throughout the world.

Rest in Peace, Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, Queen of the UK and other Commonwealth realms for 70 years, was laid to rest on Monday, Sept. 19, 2022.

Classics Quick Guide

The classics never go out of style, but they do fly off the shelves. Consider trying the eBook or eAudiobook version of these favorites.

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Become a teen or adult volunteer and donate to the Friends of the Frisco Public Library and the Frisco Public Library Foundation.

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