Thank you for participating in the Mayor’s Summer Reading Challenge at Frisco Public Library. This year you contributed to over 2.4 million minutes read! We invite you to take a brief survey to let us know about your experience this summer. The Library will use your input to help improve the next Mayor's Summer Reading Challenge.

Grand prize recipients were notified on Tuesday, August 5.

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Guide to Summer Reading
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Suggested Badge Activities

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Guide to Summer Reading
Printable Schedule
Suggested Badge Activities
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Guide to Summer Reading
Printable Schedule
Suggested Badge Activities
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Guide to Summer Reading
Printable Schedule

We would like to thank our Learning Achievement Badge community partners: Frisco Arts, Frisco Athletic Center, Heritage Museum, Frisco Fire Safety Town, Frisco Police Department, and the Sci-Tech Discovery Center.


What is a Frisco Fun Pack? Trying to decide if I want to participate this year.


We hope you  choose to participate in the Mayor's Summer Reading Challenge! The Frisco Fun Pack is a collection of gift cards for various Frisco businesses.

How do I know if I will find them motivating?

Thank you for your interset in participating in the Mayors Summer Reading Challenge. Adults can choose to be entered into one of the Grand Prizes drawings:

1. Frisco Sports Pack: T-shirt, cap, flag and 4 FC Dallas Tickets and more
2. Frisco Fun Pack: Gift cards from Half Prize Books, India Bazaar, Henery Press Publishers and more
3. iPad Mini

Please email us at if you have any questions. Have a great day.

How do we edit entries? Kiddos entered their fitness info to include biking and swimming today. (Not reading about those items and it listed it under their 'reading' minutes.) Thanks!

We can edit entries in your summer reading log. Please email us at or call us at 972-292-5669 with your information and we can take care of it for you. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Can you tell me more about the kids prizes. My kids (elementary and high school) suspect it is "just a pencil or something". I want to get them fired up about reading this summer!

Thank you for your interest in the Mayors Summer Reading Challenge. Elementary kids earn prizes for every 200 minutes read. Prizes are coupons from area businesses for free food and activities.  At 600 minutes, they earn a grand prize entry. Grand prizes include Kindle Fires, Roughrider tickets,  a Story Time backpack, and FAC prize packs.

Teens earn prizes for every 200 minutes read. Prizes are coupons from area businesses for free food and activities. At 600 minutes, earn a grand prize entry. Grand prizes include Kindle Fires, Rough-rider tickets, and Frisco Athletic Center prize packs.

Please email us at or call us 972-292-5669 if you have any questions. Have a great day.



Can you give more details about "food and activities"?

You will get prize pack with coupons for free food and fun stuff to do around Frisco like Frisco Athletic Center, Heritage Museum, Mooyah Burger etc.


Mooyah. Okay, now I can work with that when talking to the kids.

Mooyah. That is something I can explain to the kids. Thank you, this starts to help.

Are the food and activities above the same for the teens?


The teen prize packs include coupons for the locations listed above. There is some overlap between the kid and teen prize packs, but there are also some items unique to each age group.

What are the unique prizes for teens?


We don’t list the exact prizes because different sponsors provide different quantities of prizes, so the prize packs may vary slightly.

However, we have added the logos for the businesses and organizations sponsoring prizes for the Mayor's Summer Reading Challenge to the Summer webpage. You can visit the Teens page to see the generous sponsors providing coupons for the Teen prize packs.


Is there a paper version for tracking minutes? We don't have internet at home and can only visit the library inside to check out books once a month. Using the computers there is a hassle with the crazy crowds and two little kids.

If you do not have internet access, please record your information on paper, include the participant’s name, and stop by the 2nd Floor Summer Reading table or AskUS desk. We will be glad to assist you in keeping track of your reading this summer. Thank you for participating in the Mayor’s Summer Reading Challenge.

We miss the ease of the paper logs too at our house. Can you explain why we need two different library accounts? It is a little crazy trying to keep up with the one account for getting books and the other account for the reading of those books. Why not all in one place?


You're right. Having all the information in one location would be more convenient. Unfortunately, there isn't a software package that allows that (yet).

The convenience features of this year's software are geared towards minimizing the number of log ins you have to create:

  • Use the Adults/Families tab to register multiple family members under a single log in

  • Use your existing library card number and password as your summer reading log in

We will pass your comments along to the software vendors and continue to evaluate the various options for tracking summer reading each year.


The paper logs were much easier and something the kids understood better. Too many passwords already.


We agree that there are too many passwords. One option is to use your library card number and password as your summer reading login and password so you don't have to create (and remember) new ones.

You're welcome to create and use your own paper log at home and then enter the number of minutes read online once a day -- or even just once a week. We have computers set aside at the library for updating the logs, if that would be more convenient for you.


You mentioned a software vendor above for these accounts. How much is this software? How much is the paper method?


We take our responsibility to spend funds in a fiscally prudent manner very seriously. In doing so, we look for products that provide the best value, taking into account factors that include initial cost, long-term benefits, and improvements to staff efficiency.

In the past, paper reading logs were provided to public libraries by the state. Since state funding for public libraries was cut in 2012, we have had to purchase or create our own in-house.

The in-house cost of printing 13,000 paper logs is $1495. However, going online also eliminates the staff labor of creating, printing, handing out, and collecting paper logs, estimated at $4535, leading to a total cost of $6030 for paper logs. The software license cost $2900.

Online registration and logging also provides several other benefits, for both the Library and participants:

  • The Library can accommodate more participants without a corresponding increase in staff labor to handle the creation, printing, handing out, and collecting of paper logs.

  • The Library was able to add the Learning Badge component to the Mayor’s Summer Reading Challenge. These are STEM-based activities designed to prevent the loss of academic skills many students experience during summer vacation (“summer slide”).

  • The Library is able to gather more accurate information about participation levels and outcomes.

  • Participants have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the convenience of online registration and logging.

  • Online logs allow participants to share their experience in new ways, like writing reviews of books read and activities completed.

  • Online logs are more environmentally-friendly.

If you would like to discuss this in further detail, please contact the library and speak with the director, Shelley Holley.

I have been searching to find what the incentives are for teens and can't find them. Are they secret?

See the drawing prizes, but not the reward/prizes for minutes. My teen's comment on the prize drawing: "I could spend the same time working and I would be able to buy it and that is a guarantee ..why would I work as hard for high odds of getting nothing? Mom, I paid attention in math."


We are sorry to hear that you are frustrated. On the plus side, it sounds like you're raising a wise teen. (Though, we librarians might beg to differ at the suggestion that reading is work.)

The incentives are not a secret, but we don’t list the exact coupons because different sponsors provide different quantities, so prize packs may vary slightly. However, each teen prize pack contains coupons for things to do and places to eat.

The Teens Summer Reading page has a box showing all the Mayor's Summer Reading Challenge sponsors (you may need to scroll down to see it), who generously provide the coupons for the prize packs. We hope that seeing the sponsors will give you some idea of what sort of coupons to expect and relieve your frustration.

Thank you! What a great variety! I think there will be several that appeal!


We are so glad you like the prizes. Thank you for letting us know.



Thank you for all the hard work and businesses that have contributed. My daughters have enjoyed their free passes to the Frisco Rec Center, Heritage Museum, and Science Discovery Center already. We look forward to earning more.
Also, I've actually enjoyed the new system too. I don't have to keep up with the paper. My only struggle is remembering to log their minutes in on a daily basis!
Thanks again for a wonderful summer reading program for our Frisco kids!

Thank you so much for your feedback. We really appreciate it.



We are pleased to hear that you and your daughters are enjoying the Mayor's Summer Reading Challenge. Thank you for letting us know.

Tell you daughters congratulations on exceeding 200 minutes spent reading already!


Do you consider Craft work done in Kidsnart and Swimming as part of craft and fitness badge activity or is it counted only if it is done in the places you have mentioned?


Absolutely! The activities and locations listed in the Suggested Badge Activities documents are just that -- suggestions. Any craft counts toward the Creative Arts badge and swimming is definitely good for a Health and Fitness badge. Keep up the good work fun!

Just a suggestion. It would be great to be able to enter the date the activity was completed when entering the log. It's not feasible for us to enter our activities each day at the end of the day.


Thank you for the suggestion. We'll see if adding dates to entries is an improvement we can make in the future.

In the meantime, please don't worry about it. You are more than welcome to enter activities (and minutes spent reading) on whatever schedule works best for you: daily, weekly, or even monthly.


So I see everyone is saying the prizes look great, but I can't see them when I try to sign up on my phone. Where are they listed?


We apologize for the confusion. Unfortunately, the prizes sponsors can't be viewed on a phone. If you visit on a computer or tablet, you'll be able to see all the sponsor logos on each of the age group pages. They're towards the bottom of the page, so you'll probably need to scroll down.

Early Literacy =

Elementary =

Teen =

Adults =


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