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There's always something going on at Frisco Public Library. Take a look at some of our favorite community events!

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For Kids

Find content for kids of all ages. The Frisco Public Library has many resources, events and much much more.

Who Lives in the Ocean?

Meet some new friends in these colorful picture books.

Across the Rainbow Bridge

Can you hear? Can you hear the thunder? Enjoy tales of Norse heroes, creatures, and battles.

Crazy for colors!

Explore the colors of our world with these picture books. What's your favorite color?

For Teens

Find content for teens. The Frisco Public Library has many resources, events and much much more.

Fake Dating Schemes

What better way to spend summer than to read the hilarious fake dating schemes going awry and causing "unexpected" feelings!

Free Activities Around Frisco!

Save money and have fun with free things to do around Frisco.

Fantasy and Sci-fi Graphic Novels for Pride!

June is Pride Month! Lets celebrate with this list of amazing LGBTQ+ fantasy and Sci-fi graphic novels.

For Adults

Find your next great read, see upcoming events, and learn tips and tricks for the Makerspace.

National Video Game Day

National Video Game Day is Friday, July 8! Learn about the history of game consoles. Were the games you played some of the most popular?

Learning On the Go

Learn from some of the best academics and professionals in their field with these lecture series.

LGBTQIA+ Literary History

With PRIDE month coming to an end, here are a list of impactful LGBTQ+ works published throughout the last 100 years.

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Become a teen or adult volunteer and donate to the Friends of the Frisco Public Library and the Frisco Public Library Foundation.

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