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Check out the latest recommendations and comments from staff and keep on top of what's going on at Frisco Public Library.

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Featured Events

There's always something going on at Frisco Public Library. Take a look at some of our favorite community events!

The Library is currently closed and all programs, events, and meeting room bookings are cancelled. 

Check out our online resources for Tumblebooks, digital classes, and reference materials. 

For Kids

Find content for kids of all ages. The Frisco Public Library has many resources, events and much much more.

Travel the World

Not able to travel this summer? These books will let you explore all over the world!

From Dawn to Sunset

Picture books that celebrate the holy month of Ramadan.

Missing the Library?

Are you missing the library? No worries! You can bring the library to your home by checking out these books all set in or around libraries!

For Teens

Find content for teens. The Frisco Public Library has many resources, events and much much more.

Own Voice: Asian Authors for Teens

Checkout these great novels written by and featuring Asian main chracters.


If you liked Refugee, you'll enjoy these harrowing tales.

How Well Do You Know Your Disney? Quiz Part II

If you’re the ultimate Disney fan, then it’s time to prove how much you really know about Disney movies.

For Adults

Find your next great read, see upcoming events, and learn tips and tricks for the Makerspace.

Actors can be authors too!

Many actors have multiple talents. Here are a few that can add "author" to their resume.

A Year Of....

What can you do in a year? From a year-in-the-life reads to books with 365 easy to follow steps. Note: Loan periods are less than a year 😉

Remember & Honor

From glory to horror, these books are an important reminder of why we celebrate Memorial Day and honor these courageous individuals.

Support the Library

Become a teen or adult volunteer and donate to the Friends of the Frisco Public Library and the Frisco Public Library Foundation.

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