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Check out the latest recommendations and comments from staff and keep on top of what's going on at Frisco Public Library.

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There's always something going on at Frisco Public Library. Take a look at some of our favorite community events!

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For Kids

Find content for kids of all ages. The Frisco Public Library has many resources, events and much much more.

Rebels with a cause

Here's a list for middle grade readers with protagonists who are standing up for themselves, their friends, and their communities.

Happy Llama Day!

Celebrate National Llama Day with some fun facts and books.

T is for Turkeys

November is the month to celebrate all things turkey!

For Teens

Find content for teens. The Frisco Public Library has many resources, events and much much more.

Graphic Novels for DnD Campaigns

Need ideas for your next Dungeons and Dragons campaign? Check out these fantasy graphic novels that would make for the perfect adventure.

2022 Bookmark Contest Winners

This year’s prompt, “My Dream Library,” resulted in so many wonderful designs, and we are excited to share this year’s winners with you!

Native American Heritage Month for Teens

Celebrate this November with some of these great books by Indigenous creators.

For Adults

Find your next great read, see upcoming events, and learn tips and tricks for the Makerspace.

Extra! Extra! Get Your Dallas Morning News Here!

How to read The Dallas Morning News, and other newspapers, from our website.

Robots Have Feelings Too

Are these robots more human than the humans?

Classic Books Reimagined

Check out these graphic novel adaptions of classic books.

Support the Library

Become a teen or adult volunteer and donate to the Friends of the Frisco Public Library and the Frisco Public Library Foundation.

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