2023 Friends Reading Challenge – November Genre

By FPLFriend_Susan

The Friends are sponsoring a 2023 Reading Challenge to all members of the Frisco Public Library community. Readers will need to visit the Bookshop before the end of the month to complete an entry form to be included in the Sweepstakes drawing for that month. One winner will receive a $5 Book Bucks Gift Card to be used at the Friends' Bookshop! Readers are encouraged enter every month but can only win once per calendar year.

The genre for November is Let's Re-Read Something We Loved!
Readers of any age can choose a book that they read and enjoyed once and liked enough to enjoy it a second time. This title could be a flash-back to high school when you read Romeo and Juliet because you HAD to but you secretly loved every scene. Maybe there was a business book that inspired you early in your career that could give you a little boost in your current job.

Consider listening to the book instead of reading the book with pages? Are there any adaptations of your book? Make it your own and enjoy! Stop by the Bookshop and let us know what you read by completing an entry form and be entered into our monthly drawing.

If you don't have a copy of an old books like this at home, stop by the library to see what they have, or stop in the Bookshop and see if you can find a title to re-read. Here are some suggestions from the library’s collection.

The Amazing Mystery Show

The Wizard of Oz


The Help