A Sculpture Garden in Frisco?!

By FPL_Staff

Looking for an art-related outdoor experience? Look no further! The Texas Sculpture Garden, spanning 4 acres, is located about 5 miles South of Frisco’s library. The sculptures showcase a variety of contemporary styles and the garden’s purpose is to make art accessible for all to view. There is no cost to walk throughout the garden and enjoy the sculptures. These selected works create the largest privately-owned collection of Texan contemporary sculptures available to the public. 

Not only have the works themselves been carefully curated, the park’s landscape has also been designed to highlight and compliment the art in unique ways. You’ll be surrounded by beautiful landscaping, lakes with water features, and nicely paved walking paths. Want a little guidance throughout your garden stroll? You can download the Otocast application for a free guided art tour. You’re welcome to walk through the sculpture garden on any day from sunrise to sunset. You can find the Texas Sculpture Garden at 6801 Gaylord Parkway, Frisco, Texas 75034. Grab your family, or a friend, to check out the sculptures together!