June Book of the Month


Book Pick: Divine Rivals

Author: Rebecca Ross

Staff Name: Jessica

Job Title: Library Assistant

This book reminded me why I love reading. The characters had my heart from the first page, and the world had so many layers that each chapter would uncover something new. It’s such a fun mash up of fantasy, historical fiction, and romance that I found it so hard to put down.


In Divine Rivals, the gods who have been dormant for centuries are awake and they are calling people to fight the war they created. When two rival journalists find a magical connection, they may be the only ones who can be the key to bring peace.

Character Spotlight: Roman C. Kitt

Likes: Sharing my words with the world, even if Iris Winnow gets in my way.

Dislikes: Family Pressure

3 Facts About Me:

    1. I love my Nan. She’s probably the only family member I can tolerate.
    2. I only took the job at the Oath Gazette because my father wouldn’t let me go to college to study literature.
    3. My middle initial does not stand for Conceited, much to Iris’s dismay.

Favorite Quote:

“I don't think you realize how strong you are, because sometimes strength isn't swords and steel and fire, as we are so often made to believe. Sometimes it's found in quiet, gentle places.”

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