Butter Boards and Other Appetizer Delights

By FPL_Staff

Social media can really be a fantastic resource to find new recipes to try out. The latest food trend coming from TikTok and Instagram are butter boards! Butter boards are built by spreading softened butter over a board, placing toppings of your choice on the butter, and serving it with toasted bread. Topping ideas for butter boards include cheese, bacon, honey, nuts, edible flowers, and dried fruit. With the holidays coming up, butter boards can surely add some excitement to your events and be a conversation starter.

Here are a few butter board recipes around the internet that will delight your guests:

Spoon Fork Bacon – Butter Board Recipe, opens a new window

Aubrey’s Kitchen – Butter Board, opens a new window

A Cozy Kitchen – Butter Board, opens a new window 

If you are looking for other resources for delicious treats to graze on with family and friends, the Frisco Public Library has a few books with appetizer and board recipes:

Beautiful Boards


500 Appetizers