Celebrate Independence Day!

By FPL_Assata

Have fun, learn about the holiday, and be safe on the 4th of July.

Fun Ideas 

  • Host a trivia game.
  • Write a parody of the Declaration of Independence and have a signature writing contest.
  • Have a patriotically themed potluck.
  • Have a red, white, and blue cocktail or mocktail making contest.
  • Host a comedic ‘presidential’ debate.
  • Plan a star-spangled scavenger hunt.

Interesting Facts 

  • The Continental Congress passed the vote for U.S. independence on July 2, 1776. Some have argued that U.S. independence should be celebrated on the 2nd instead of the 4th.
  • Independence Day is basically hot dog day. Americans consume about 150 million of them on July 4!
  • John Adams declared in 1776 that fireworks should always be used to celebrate Independence Day. Americans have gathered across the country for these extravagant displays ever since.
  • Many don’t know that the U.S. Flag Code forbids donning the flag as “apparel, bedding, or drapery”.


  • Avoid relighting or handling fireworks that are defective or have failed to ignite. 
  • Avoid igniting fireworks near power lines.
  • Keep plenty of water nearby in case of emergency and to stay hydrated.
  • Properly store perishable food items.
  • Wear sunscreen.
  • Look out for the safety and security of your pets.