Celebrate Lunar New Year 2021

By FPL_Lauren

2021 is the year of the Ox. Ring in the Lunar New Year with these fun activities: 

  1. Create a dragon mask, opens a new window. The dragon dance is key part of new year festivities and is thought to bring good luck to the community. 
  2. Make red envelopes using origami, opens a new window. The red envelopes are used to gift lucky money to children and retirees during the new year festivities. The Chinese character “Fu” is written on the envelopes. It means fortune and luck will be brought to you and your family. 
  3. Create a paper lantern, opens a new window. Lanterns are traditionally red and gold, but can come in many colors. Try making yours in yellow or green – the lucky colors for the year of the Ox! 
  4. Make tissue paper flowers, opens a new window. Apricot blossoms traditionally decorate the money trees used to celebrate the new year.