Celebrating Black History

By FPL_Staff

What thoughts come to mind when viewing this image?
What era would you guess this is from?

This is a photo of Corporal Lawrence Leslie McVey, Sr., 1897 – 1968.

Cpl. McVey served in the 369th Infantry Regiment during World War I. This infantry, which mostly consisted of black residents in Harlem, New York, went to war alongside their countrymen. However, racial tensions in the US Army led to the group’s assignment under French command. The Germans nicknamed them the “Harlem Hellfighters,” due to their excellent combat skills. Although the group suffered many casualties, they were triumphant in several key victories. Their bravery and valor earned the 369th Infantry Regiment the Croix de Guerre, a distinguished French military honor. Cpl. McVey wears the Croix de Guerre in this photo.  

Photo credit: Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Gift of Gina R. McVey, Granddaughter. This media is in the public domain.

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369th Infantry Regiment (Harlem Hellfighters).

Published in: Salem Press Encyclopedia, 2022, Topic Overviews Public Libraries

By: Sheposh, Richard