Cosplay on a Budget

By FPL_Lauren

It’s that time of year – con season! If you’ve never cosplayed before, it can be a daunting task figuring out what to dress up as without breaking the bank. Here are a few simple cosplays ideas for you.

Devil Hunter from Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man

This is an easy cosplay to complete because it consists of staple items in most peoples’ closets or items that can easily be thrifted. Here’s what you need:

      • White long sleeve button down
      • Black pants
      • Black tie

That’s it! The best part about this cosplay, is that you can customize it to your personality, just like the characters in CSM. You can wear Converse like Aki, high-tops like Power, cute hair clips like Kobeni or even an eye patch like Himeno. Bonus points if you can accessorize with items that were popular in the late 90s.

Starfleet Member from Star Trek

Star Trek, the Original Series

Another simple cosplay is being a starfleet member. All you need for this is a long sleeve red t-shirt and a 3D printed Star Trek Communication Badge. Thingiverse even has a file, opens a new window that can be printed from any of the library’s 3D printers!

L from Death Note

Death Note

All you need to be this highly esteemed detective is a long sleeve white t-shirt, jeans, and a lot of black eye liner and you will forever remain the most mysterious con goer.

There are a lot of simple cosplays out there that can get you through the con season. Let us know what some of your favorites are and check out these books to get even more ideas.

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