Cozy Essentials for Your Reading Time

By FPL_Jazmin

It’s always nice to have a cozy space when you are wrapped up in a great book. Here are some cozy essentials for your reading time!

  1. Warm Blanket
    With the weather getting chilly, having a small soft throw blanket can enhance comfortability!
  1. Your Favorite Drink
    This can be a fresh hot coffee, hot chocolate, or nice cup of tea! Anything that can help you feel more relaxed. I would recommend using a mug warmer if you have one to keep your drink nice and warm.
  1. Music in the Background
    Sometimes it’s nice to have something in the background, such as the sound of rain, classical music, or lofi. Any sound that allows you to relax is always perfect!

Not sure what to listen to? Try one of these selections:

Lofi hip hop radio–beats for relaxing & studying , opens a new window

Classical Music for Reading–Mozart, Chopin, Debussy, Tchaikovsky, opens a new window

Cozy Reading Nook Ambience–Rain on Window & Thunder Sounds, opens a new window

  1. Comfortable Clothes
    Throw on some cozy pajamas or a warm sweater. Any comfortable clothing to make reading more relaxing!

  1. The Perfect Book
    Not sure what to read next? Check out our library staff lists: Frisco Public Library Staff Lists., opens a new window      

    For more tips on finding that perfect book, check out our staff blog on what to read next!, opens a new window

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