Cracking Codes and Solving Ciphers

By FPL_Kayla

This summer, try your hand and making and breaking some seriously cool ciphers!
If you are new to the cipher scene, check out these videos recommended by the UTDallas Science and Engineering Education Center. 

Cryptography: The Science of Making and Breaking Codes 

How Encryption Keeps Your Data Safe 

Ciphers are used everyday by computers to encrypt and keep our data safe, but you can learn to use ciphers as well. Creating your own code can be a fun way to share secrets, protect private thoughts, or just exercise your brain.  

Here are some great activities to try your hand at ciphers and codes. If you complete at least one of these activities, don’t forget to log it in the Code Cracker Mission to earn your Code Cracker Badge, part of the Mayor's Summer Reading Challenge!

Decryption Frequency Analysis 

Pig Pen Cipher 

Cipher Disk 

Morse Code 

Make Your Own Code 

Of course, making and breaking ciphers you create is fun, but there are many authors who challenge readers with ciphers of their own. Check out some of these great codebreaking titles in the 
Code Breakers Booklist! 

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