By FPL_Sunita

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a month-long event established by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to educate individuals about staying safe online. The objective of this event is to promote discussions on online security and raise awareness about the importance of taking appropriate measures to protect one's digital identity. Its main goal is to educate people about online safety and the importance of safeguarding their digital identity.

The CISA, opens a new window recommends the following steps to protect yourself online:

  1. Using unique, strong passwords and or password manager for safer accounts, opens a new window
  2. Enable multi-factor authentication, opens a new window
  3. Be aware of phishing attempts and know what to look for in a suspicious email, opens a new window
  4. Keep all your software up to date, opens a new window

Gale Courses offers a free six-week course on Introduction to PC Security, opens a new window with your Frisco Public Library card. It's an excellent way to gain a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity.

Also search our FPL catalog, opens a new window for titles you can borrow to learn about protecting yourself as well as about high-profile cybercrimes. Stay safe out there!