Free Comic Book Day is May 7!

By FPL_Lauren

Since 2002, comic book shops around the world have given away free comic books to anyone that comes into their shops. Here are the shops that are participating near us:

Why should you read and let your kids read comics?

  1. They are a great way to build confidence in struggling readers.
  2. They are a good way to help kids learn social-emotional facial cues.
  3. They introduce readers to a wide range of vocabulary.
  4. They help us learn to think differently by using multiple modalities – visual, spatial, and textual – to help us process what we read.
  5. Comic books are more than superhero stories.

Want to read comics but aren’t sure where to start? Here are some lists of my favorite books to recommend.

Best Comic Books for Kids, opens a new window

Best Comic Books for Teens, opens a new window

Best Comic Books for Adults, opens a new window