Friends from the Beginning

By FPLFriend_Susan

The Friends of the Frisco Public Library is a non-profit group which has simple goals to promote and support the Frisco Public Library. The Friends organization was chartered in 1991 at the same time Frisco citizens were starting the first community library. The first Frisco Library was fully staffed by volunteers and filled with new and used titles. The Friends saw the value of a community library and organized in an effort to help build one for Frisco.

The Friends set out to raise funds to help set up the first library which was on Main Street. The Friends of the Frisco Public Library’s earliest fundraising efforts in 1991 bought 300 Newberry and Caldecott award winning titles for the Children’s section. In 1994 the Friends purchased one of the library’s first computers to be used, among other things, for cataloging the inventory. Over the next few decades this tireless group supported the Library’s annual Storytelling Festival, programming and books in the Children’s section, sponsored library staff in professional development endeavors, and have sponsored several Frisco residents who have been working through the Career Online High School program available at FPL. The Friends has been a major contributor to the Ready to Read Railroad and are helping with the funds required for the enlarged version, Tot's Town and Kid's Club, in the new library building.

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