Happy Women’s History Month!

By FPL_Marissa

This month remembers historical and modern women around the world who have made important strides in society, whether in science, art, sports, women’s rights, and more. There are many ways to learn about these women through online resources and through books here at the library.

The web pages below are introductory resources from National Geographic for kids to learn about the history of why we celebrate Women’s History Month, and about iconic women heroes.  

An Introduction to Women’s History Month, opens a new window

This National Geographic page gives kids an introduction to the history of the holiday and how we celebrate and remember it today.

Women in History, opens a new window

Not sure who to start with for women’s history? Check out these iconic women from ancient societies to women of recent memory and influence.

In addition to these online resources, we have lots of great biographical books about historical women. 


Hidden Figures Young Readers' Edition

The Girl Who Drew Butterflies

Greta Thunberg

Florence Griffith Joyner

Another fun way that kids can celebrate this month is by reading fictional books written by women that explore important topics, history, and stories through the eyes of young girls.

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