Help! I’m Forced to Switch Computers

By FPL_Adam

Eventually it happens to us all. Sometimes changing jobs or schools means switching from a PC to a Mac. Sometimes the deal on a Chromebook is just to good to pass up. Working from home has also meant a lot of us suddenly have to learn a new mobile device. Whatever the reason for the switch, we know just how hard it can be sometimes.

Here are a few tips for those brand-new Mac users:

How do you right click??

If you are using a touch pad on the laptop: click with two fingers.

If using an Apple mouse, just click in the right corner of the mouse.

How do I find files on the machine?!

Use Spotlight to find those files or applications.

Finder is also great for looking for files on your machine.

How do you rename files?

Click the file once to select it. Next press the return key and type the new name for the file. Then just press return when you are done.

Keyboard Shortcuts:            

My best advice is don’t wait until you absolutely have-to know how to do something right away. That is when disasters occur. Why not take a few moments now to pick up those basics?

The Frisco Public Library card gives you access to these great video tutorials:

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