How to Cancel Study and Conference Room Reservations

By FPL_Lee

We’ve all been there. You booked a study room last week thinking today would be the perfect day to study, only for life to get in the way with a million other tasks. Or maybe you’ve been working like crazy, and you need a break. Either way, you can easily cancel your room reservation online. 

Step 1: Go to, opens a new window

Step 2: Click on the Explore tab. If using your phone, click on the 3 bars at the top left and chose Explore.         


Step 3:  Click on “Reserve a Study or Conference Room.”

Step 4: Click on "My Reservations."

Step 5: Log in with your library card number and password.

A list of all your room reservations will appear, scroll to the one you would like to cancel. (Fun fact: this view will also show your door codes for each reservation.)

Step 6: To cancel a reservation, choose Cancel.

Step 7: Give yourself a pat on the back.

Remember, cancelling your reservation is considerate of others who might be waiting for the space. Put yourself in their shoes.

Note: If your reservation time has already started, you’re unable to cancel your reservation online, but you can contact the library to cancel, 972-292-5669 or, opens a new window.

Click here for instructions on how to book a study room., opens a new window