How to Prepare for Winter Storms

By FPL_Ryan

Winter storms have been a massive problem over the past couple of years in Texas. Here are a few ways to prepare yourself and your home from possible damage in case a winter storm occurs.

Items to have

  1. Enough nonperishable food and bottled water to last for 1 week for family and pets, about 1 gallon a day per person
  2. Blankets or sleeping bags
  3. Extra warm clothes
  4. Flashlights and extra batteries
  5. Something to provide traction for car tires, such as sand or cat litter
  6. For any medications, have enough to last throughout the 1-2 weeks
  7. Charger banks for continued cell phone charge if power is out
  8. Car has a full tank of gas in case you need to use it
  9. Candles or mini lanterns for lighting
  10. Battery backup for charging phones
  11. Manual can opener for nonperishable food
  12. Firewood, fire starters, and lighters if you have a fireplace
  13. Make sure First Aid Kit is up to date
  14. Shovel to move snow/ice if you need to drive or evacuate
  15. Booster cables to start up a car

Plans to put in place

  1. If you are on dialysis or a medical device that needs power, contact your doctor ahead of time about a plan in case of a power outage.
  2. Have access to shut off the water for your home.
  3. Have a phone number to an emergency plumber ready.
  4. Roll towels to cover windows and underneath doors to keep heat inside.
  5. Have access to CodeRed to get localized alerts to your area.
  6. Insulate your water pipes.
  7. Make sure the carbon monoxide detectors have fresh batteries.

Further Resources:

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